Monday, April 4, 2011

Flea & Tick Season is Here - Now what??

Flea and Tick season is already here. I have taken 2 ticks off my dog Abby already and many customers have been telling us similar stories. We have a selection of Frontline, Advantix & Advantage and Bio Spot if you are looking for a spot on applicator. The advantages of these products are coverage for a month and most of the time they work well for dogs and cats. There are disadvantages to these products as well, some animals have had adverse reactions to the chemicals in the products. We do not carry other spot on treatments that are less expense because I have heard too many customers over the years tell me of the adverse reactions from these inexpensive treatment found in many big box stores. Bio spot is less expense and our customers have had better results over the years with this product. Richard's Organics, Natural Chemistry, NaturVet, and Pet Natural of Vermont all offer natural herbal based sprays and wipes if you are looking for something less toxic. Natural shampoos are available with Neem Oil and we carry Neem Oil by Richard's Organics in the store as well. We also carry food grade diatomaceous earth to use around the perimeter of the home. This product is completely natural (it is a finely crushed fossil) and can be used on the pet as well. The Flea Beacon is a trap which uses light which draws flea in and uses a sticky surface to trap fleas, without the use of pesticides. It shows results overnight.

What ever direction you chose to take this year make sure you start now. I have begun using the Pet Naturals of Vermont Protect wipes on my older dog and Eli & Grace. I will let you know how it works. So far I have had no more ticks since starting this treatment. We had a lot of success with the spray version of the Protect last season. It is great to take hiking or when taking your dog in the woods as extra protection. You can use this in combination with spot on treatments. I did not want to spray Eli & Grace, being indoor cats, but are at risk from animals entering the store. Abby just really likes the rub down she gets when I apply the wipe to her :)

Stop in and get your household ready because a flea infestation in the house is difficult to get rid of and ticks carry many diseases including Lyme Disease. Prevention is the best medicine.