Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby Chicks Arrive March 4th!!

New Baby Chicks are Coming Soon! 
Friday, March 4th  the first batch of chicks will be arriving at
The Natural Pet Center at Ireland Corners (Gardiner location)
and at
Heritage Feed & Supply (Bullville location)  soon after that!!

          We are all very excited as this means Spring is finally around the corner!  We have had a very mild winter so extending or starting your flock this year will help with the insect population this summer!!  If you have chickens already, and want to add to your flock, then you need to think about what breeds you will integrate into your current flock.  For those that are new to the backyard chicken experience and want to begin your flock, then this is time to plan and prepare for those new additions to the family.  Please stop by or call to place an order.
          We will have a large variety of Heritage chicks coming through the stores over the next few months.  White, Brown, Green, Blue and Chocolate Speckled colored eggs come from different chickens. Some favorites such as the bearded Ameraucana /"Easter Egger"  (green & blue eggs) and Welsummers & Cuckoo Marans (dark "chocolate" brown with speckles on eggs). Examples of Brown Egg Layers are:  Rhode Island & New Hampshire Reds, Rhode Island White, Buff Orpingtons, Columbian & Golden/Silver Laced Wyandotte, Black Laced Red Wyandotte, Buckeye, Barred Rocks, Black Australorps, Turken Naked Necks, Speckled Sussex, Delaware, Dominique, Black Jersey Giants & White Jersey Giants.  We also order some of the newer breeds such as Production Reds, Cherry Eggers, Black & Red Sex Link, Cinnamon Queens and Golden Comets.  White Egg Layers include:  White Leghorns, Brown Leghorns and  Austra Whites.   There are also feather footed varieties such as the bearded Salmon Faverolle (lay a white tinted brown egg) and Light Brahmas.  All of the chicks just listed come in as Pullets (female) and we can order select Cockerel (males) as well.  All of these chicks are part of our inventory on a rotating basis during chicks season which stretches into June.

        There are a variety of chicks that we may special order that only come in as straight run such as the Top Hat Chickens including Mottled Houdans and Polish chickens which varieties include:  White Crested Black & Golden & Silver & Buff Laced & White. As well as the Cochin chickens (Heavy feathers on legs)  whose varieties includes:  Blue & Silver Laced & Buff & Partridge & White & Black & Splash.    There are also the Bantam Chickens who are smaller in size to a standard chicken.  Bantams come in many varieties such as Cochin, Silkies, Ameraucana , and many more.  All Bantams are Straight Run ONLY.

          Guinea Fowl (June arrival), Turkeys (May & June arrivals), Ducks, and Goslings and Meatbirds are also available.  Due to space most of these need to be pre-ordered and picked up.  Call for more information 845-361-4081 Heritage Feed & Supply or call 845-255-PETS  for Natural Pet Center.

         Both stores will have all the supplies necessary to brood your new arrivals including chick starter mash, heat lamps & bulbs, chick feeders & waterers, and shavings.  We also stock Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens, ceramic nest eggs, egg cartons, thermometers and mealworms freeze dried treats.  Our prices are great and remember to shop local when making your purchases.  Don't be tempted by the big box stores or catalogs.  Many of our customers who have done this in the past regret it later when they see our selection and prices.

        Remember the first week of a chicks life they need 90 degree temperature in part of their brooder and that drops 5 degrees each week of life. Our staff will be more than ready to answer your questions to make sure your new flock gets off to a great start!